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Federal Resumes

When trying to tackle federal job opportunities at USAJOBS, it can be confusing, and tough. 

Don't worry, we've got you covered.

Federal resumes are often confusing and complicated to create, and require extra research and time that quite frankly you could use to your advantage elsewhere!  So why spend it trying to figure this all out?  

We'll take the time to get your federal resume right, and we'll get specific! We also urge you to review your documents thoroughly to ensure all necessary corrections are made prior to submission, which we are happy to correct for you. Talk with us today to find out how our expertise with USAJOBS can save you time, money, resource, and headache when submitting your resume!  


It doesn't have to be difficult to land a great federal position, we are here to help you create a winning resume that will get noticed!


Federal resumes, like Rome are not built in a day. It takes time, hands-on research, and a veritable archive of federal writings to produce high-quality federal resumes that get selected. You also need someone on your side that knows the system, the application process, and the ability to provide you with the assistance you need. We prepare approximately 300 federal resumes annually for a variety of jobs and GS Levels. You can be confident that we have the information you need to get selected in USAJOBS.

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