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Civilian Resumes

Whether you are just joining the workforce, or you are looking for a change in career, you simply must have a professional resume to be considered. 


There is so much competition in today's economy and marketplace that you need this vital tool called a resume to be different than all the rest.  Let's face it, a resume is simply put, words on paper about you, your jobs, your education, and your expertise.   What is vital to the employer reading it, and the person it is about, is the way it is written and formatted, which is where we give your resume its edge!

It's true that anyone can write a resume, but not just anyone can write a successful resume that will get you results!  Our civilian resumes are tailored to your needs on an individual basis, not just changing names and information on templates.  Each of our resumes is unique, as are you, and competitively priced, which you like! After we create your drafts, we are happy to make changes and corrections to information that needs to be adjusted further to fit your needs. 


Speaking of prices, did you know the national averages for resumes are $500-$3,000? Yes, you can find plently of services that offer $89-$129 resumes, and the majority of these companies are "farms" that kick out thousands of resumes from data work centers in other countries. Knowing what is too high, and too little to pay for a resume is important. What are you paying for? Quality? Rent? A new sportscar? We price our resumes below the national average, but in a range that demands quality. Beware the express services that promise 24 hour resumes for a minimal overall service fee, you will be disappointed every time. 

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