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We have worked with clients from all branches of the military, and civilians as well! We work largely with the Special Operations Forces (SOF) community and have helped many service members with the right resume products to be successful during military transition. Getting to know the people behind the Armed Forces has been a humbling experience, and gives us a unique insight into the experiences and accomplishments that military personnel achieve throughout their career. Over 80% of our clients are Special Operations Forces (SOF), military service members, retirees, reservists, and federal civilian employees. We know the challenges you have overcome to complete a rewarding career in the military, and specialize in bringing those achievements to the forefront to highlight your capabilities and career as you transition into the next chapter of your journey. We are excited to hear your achievements, and create a resume that will move you to the next phase of your career. 

Why Choose Resumes 2 Mail?


We have a collective 20 years of resume writing experience with specialization in Special Operations Forces (SOF) military transition resumes, however we write for a multitude of military and civilian professions. 


We are familiar with all branches of the military and the language needed to prepare your resume for today's workforce. 


We offer a 7 day revision period to make any changes and adjustments to your resume you require at no additional charge.  


We offer standard and expedited turnaround options so you can select what works best for your needs. 


Our staff is friendly and ready to help you put your best foot forward in today's job market with all of our resume products. 

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